Our Mission

St. Martin Foundation —together with our devoted volunteers and donors—is passionate about helping people around the world through medical care and disease prevention. Relief intervention changes people’s lives, impacting their futures and their families.

The need for medical care and disease prevention is vast in many places throughout the world. Our medical mission approach works to meet these immediate needs. But we want to see the whole communities thrive in the areas of health and wellness.

This is why we created a scholarship opportunity. Through education, people learn how to combat these issues and improve their environments.

The scholarship will be awarded to an exceptional individual—someone committed to his or her homeland who shows ambition for change in their communities.

St. Martin Foundation, The Path for Change!

What We Do

The St. Martin Foundation understands the vast need for missionary projects throughout the world. Some areas have poor and limited resources for healthcare and disease prevention. Together, we can help those communities and the people within. We can be the path for change!

Address:  1978 N. Prospect Ave., Lecanto, FL 34461
Telephone: (352) 566-3042

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